Writing songs can be a slog. I help make the process more enjoyable, and your songs stronger.

Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches on a work that’s nearly there, fill in the missing pieces of a song you’re stuck on, or build a song from the ground up, I can help you realize your songwriting goals. We’ll have fun exploring new ideas and concepts, and you’ll learn new tricks and tactics to use in your future work.

Part Music Lesson

We’ll discuss what’s going on in the song from a technical standpoint - exploring new chords on guitar or piano, new structures, and new musical elements that will empower you to build stronger songs. Though writing from the gut is often the best way to start a piece of music, utilizing theory can help keep you moving when you get stuck.


All Worth It

We’ll stoke the flames of WHY you write songs in the first place. I’ve been writing songs for over 10 years, and in each work I find new value in the empowerment and creativity that the songwriting process stimulates. I love getting lost in the process, working through new challenges, and learning new ways to write – almost equally, I love to pass that on to the songwriters I work with. 

Part Writing Workshop

We’ll dig into the lyrics and melodies of your song, to your comfort level, ensuring that your lyrical content is not only expressive and captivating, but that it is intentional in its design and enhanced by the music you’ve written. We’ll discuss the tools and writing exercises that can help keep the gears turning amidst writers’ block, and make your words stronger in every attempt.


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