In addition to writing, performing, and recording, I teach guitar, piano, voice, theory, songwriting, recording, and various combinations of all the above.

The video below goes into more depth about my philosophy and my approach to teaching, but it all boils down to a few guiding principles:

  1. Music is not just one thing: my first lessons were really rigid and narrow in scope, and that didn’t work for me. I’ve always wanted to learn it all: different instruments, different techniques, different styles. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Creativity is key: whether that’s in songwriting, composing, soloing, or elsewhere, it’s beneficial to put the books away once in a while.

  3. Theory is for everyone: Learning “theory” aka ‘how it all fits together’ is actually quite simple, and really helpful.

I hold a degree in Professional Music from PCC, which includes training in theory, performance, and audio engineering.  Occasionally I work as a freelance engineer at studios such as Hallowed Halls and Jackpot, and operate a small teaching and recording studio of my own at the location below.

I currently teach group and private lessons with Ethos, and have taught privately and with other music organizations in Portland and Boston for over ten years.







What ages, styles, and skill levels do you teach?

All ages and most styles; I've taught private lessons to students from age six to age 60 ranging in styles from folk, to jazz and blues. I naturally work music theory into the lessons, often utilizing the piano to illustrate various concepts, and am always happy to delve into the technical side of things.  

I teach beginner and intermediate level piano, beginner through advanced guitar, and have many students come in with little to no experience at all.

Do I need to bring my guitar?

Nope. I've got you covered, whether you want to play acoustic, electric, bass, banjo, or ukulele.

What's a songwriting workshop?

A songwriting workshop starts with a song or a seed that the student wants to work on and goes from there. It will usually be part guitar or piano lesson, part writing workshop, part theory lesson, and part vocal/ melody/ harmony training. The direction is largely dictated by the student as I help to guide, and present tools/ tactics to overcome roadblocks and build your skill-set as a songwriter. 

And you do house calls?

SOMETIMES, If you are within 5 miles of the location above, and depending on when you'd like the lesson. I like to teach in peoples’ homes, as it can be much more comfortable and convenient - though it's all a matter of timing.

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