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Jake William Capistran is a Portland-based singer and multi-instrumentalist whose unique blend of folk, rock, and soul can be heard up and down the west coast. Featuring the simple accompaniment of an acoustic guitar or piano, or the support of his [up to] eight-piece backing band, Capistran's live-performances are as dynamic as his records, spanning the distance from bombastic pop to intimate singer-songwriter.

Hailing from Massachusetts, Jake cut his teeth in the Boston music scene fronting the heavy-hitting five-piece, Geometrist until relocating to Portland, Oregon in 2015.

His first release under his own name, 2016's GONERS EP, racked up over 100,000 plays in the year of its release. His newest record, 2017's concept-driven Rodeo EP, was featured in Portland's VORTEX magazine along with a live, in-studio video for his breakout single, Goners.

In 2019 Jake will be releasing his debut full-length album.




Greater Goods: Ojai, CA

Furstwurld: Joshua Tree, CA

SloDoCo: San Luis Obispo, CA

Sofar Sounds: San Francisco, CA

Honey Hive Gallery: San Francisco, CA

Sofar Sounds: Seattle, WA

Sofar Sounds: Portland OR - Feb 2019

The Hallowed Halls: Portland, OR - December 2018

Portland Saturday Market: Many times

The Liquor Store: Portland, OR - May 2018






Capistran’s steady, effortless lyrics easily paint pictures in your mind.
— Chris Young, Vortex Music Magazine

This past April, Portland-based singer-songwriter Jake William Capistran released his sophomore EP, the nostalgia-tinged, dream-chasing concept record The Rodeo. Featuring six well-crafted songs that are steeped in feelings and sounds of a time gone by while remaining relevant in the modern music landscape, moments of doo-wop mix with twangy rock and roll guitars and soulful organs—and it's all buttressed by Capistran's steady, effortless lyrics that easily paint pictures in your mind.

The album tells the story of a young man striving to make it on the rodeo circuit, a story based on a friend of Capistran’s, as well as his experiences touring and performing music around the country. Combining timeless Americana, catchy indie pop hooks and distinctive vocals, Capistran’s star continues to rise with every release.


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